ClearCard allows you to keep your apps open and your wallpaper visible. By appearing almost entirely invisible when minimized, ClearCard can sit front and center on your Pre or Pixi, without blocking the view of your wallpaper. ClearCard also includes a time/date widget that can be turned on or off.

When your wallpaper changes, ClearCard automatically adjusts to continue appearing nearly invisible.

When you maximize ClearCard, it shows your entire wallpaper, completely clean as if you had minimized all your cards.

ClearCard does not make your other applications clear, but is itself clear, allowing you to keep your wallpaper visible when ClearCard is in the center.

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41 thoughts on “ClearCard

  1. i don’t know what i turned off, but when the card is maximized i can’t access the drop down menu to make any changes to the preferences. HELP! I can’t double tap on the card either.

    • There is an update for ClearCard that should release in a few days or so that addresses this issue that was introduced with webOS 1.4.

      For now you can either restart luna or the phone to refresh it. See the forum linked above for more info.

  2. after the update, with the auto center on, it comes on when using the phone and gets in the way of using the phone screen, so you have to bother to swipe it away to get back to the dialpad when needed. Can you add a way to select exceptions to that feature for certain programs, either by giving certain choices or by user- entered apps?

    • Yes, I have noticed this on my own phone and really don’t like it.

      I am looking into what possibilities there are for fixing this in a future update.

      Maybe I can simply check to see if you are on a call.

  3. I’m wondering about the battery implications of leaving ClearCard running all the time? Is it constantly running the processor if I’m leaving the date/time widget on? Off? How much system memory does it use? Thanks.

    • There should not be any battery impact. The time only updates when the screen is on and does nothing when it’s off. When your screen is on, ClearCard sets a timeout that expires every 60 seconds to update the time; therefore, it is not always using your CPU.

      The only memory it requires is the amount needed to hold a copy of your background image in RAM… so a few kb.

  4. I just purchase ClearCard but it failed to install. I then rebooted. I keep trying to install it and it aways fails. I’m on WebOS v1.4.1.1 on Verizon. What do I do?

  5. Having issues with ClearCard refreshing. Just installed it yesterday and running WebOS seems that the Force refresh option does not fix the provblem. Any suggestions?

  6. Would it be possible to have ClearCard automatically activate if the screen is manually turned off or automatic timeout, but not during a call? Currently when in a call if the phone is up to your ear and you take it away ClearCard is activated. This is very annoying of listening to prompts and numbers need to be entered because you have to keep swithing back to the phone app.

    • Clayton, yes this is very annoying. I agree.

      I would love to fix it if I can find a way to “detect” if the phone is on a call. There is not a function to ask the phone, so I am looking for a work around. Hopefully I can find one.

  7. hi clearwaterapps.
    I would love this app!
    unfortunately i live in hong kong and i can’t buy it from the app store.
    maybe you can email me some suggestion.


  8. hello! I’m confused because the description says this works for Pre AND Pixi, however have not been able to buy & download this because I am not given the option to. Am I looking in the wrong place? What can I do? Thanx

    • There is a bug since the last webOS update that causes ClearCard to display incorrectly so we removed support from the app catalog for the Pixi. Try ClearCard Free and if it looks right then let me know and we can get you the paid version as well. There is another webOS update coming and we will try to make ClearCard work officially on the Pixi then.

      • ya that would be awesome 🙂 I did try the free app to check it out & it worked like it was supposed to so I’m definitely interested in the paid version if it’s available. Card mode worked correctly anyway…i can’t see if it fits properly when opened since the description is in the way tho.

      • What version of webOS do you have? Maybe it is fixed and i did not know.

        I will update the app catalog setting, which should change over in a couple days.

      • thank you! 🙂 that’d be really awesome… I have, just recently got my palm a couple months ago. The app is a smart idea cuz I always have like 3 Cards open & I text message a lot. So it’d be awesome if I could just keep the messaging card open always so I don’t have to load it all the time 😛 kudos to ur brilliant app!

  9. thank you for putting Clearcard back up. I havnt had any problems with it but have a question: can you not turn on ONLY the Date Widget? I’ve only been able to get the date to show up if the time is on also, it will not show up just itself 😦

  10. Just purchased it because of a comment you made in a Precentral forum on ‘large clocks’.

    The paid version I have, has the ability to display the time (digital format) and the time & date.

    It would be nice to have different flavors of clocks to show instead of just the one ‘white’ time that is shown.

    If you can’t put different types of clocks, then at least allow use to change the color of the time & date.



    • Great suggestion. I will add it to the list.

      I cannot update ClearCard right now though, because Palm has added an app scanner in the submission process that is blocking an API that I use to implement the force refresh. So, if I update ClearCard, I would have to remove that feature, which many people need.

      Hopefully, Palm will open that API soon.

  11. The latest version still has issues with the sizing and placement of wallpapers on the Pixi, which is too bad. :/

    I’d love to help get these problems solved, but if you’re not going to be updating it due to the API scanner, then that’s kind of moot. I urge you to reconsider that and look into other options on how to duplicate the force refresh option without relying on a Palm closed API.

    • let’s do this. I don’t have a Pixi, so your help is needed. What if you change the preferences to ‘notifications present’. Does that still display wrong? Also try fullscreen and not. They are all different scaling and positioning cases. Worst case scenario, I can provide a homebrew version that will work. Also, do you have webOS 1.4.5? Does ClearCard Free also look wrong?

      • Argh! I could have sworn that I had this marked to notify me of follow up comments, but it never happened. Sorry about that! I would have loved to have helped.

        The new version works fine, but the problem is that I already own the older 1.0.9 version. Is there some way for me to transfer the license?

      • No worries. I ended up buying a Pixi off ebay to help me fix it 🙂

        Unfortunately, I dont have a way to transfer you the license. Do you have webOS quick install? If so, I could just send you the ipk file… or you could just donate another dollar to Clear Water 🙂

      • As much as I’d love to donate another dollar, being a broke college student (seriously, I’ve got like 8$ in my checking right now) makes that hard..!

        I do have webOS Quick Install though. I don’t know if you can see my email or not, so let me know. Thanks again.

  12. There are pones that can get the clear card for free? Why not my pixi. I love the app and have been showing friends but I don’t think it’s an app that you should pay for

    • There is not a free version, only a week long free trial. There use to be a limited free version, but people asked for a full version trial instead.

      “I love the app and have been showing friends but I don’t think it’s an app that you should pay for”

      C’mon! 🙂 You’ll spend $0.99 on bubble gum.

    • I already bought the older Pre version which said that it had Pixi support, but won’t be updated because of using some old APIs.

      I’m not getting it for free. 😛

  13. do you know or have an agenda view for the clear card. My palm treo used to view up to 2weeks of appointments I miss this with the palm pre plus. Tanks for any info on this.

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