Slide Show

Slide Show shows a full screen version of your wallpaper and prevents your screen from turning off, so that you can use your Pre or Pixi as a digital picture frame. Currently, Slide Show only changes pictures when your wallpaper is changed by another app that cycles your wallpaper, such as Switcharoo or Flickr Addict.

View in the Palm App Catalog or Discuss Slide Show at

Also, visit this link to inquire about the homebrew version of Slide Show that supports using your own local photos on your phone.

6 thoughts on “Slide Show

      • Will this ever be able to perform a slideshow of pictures that are stored on the phone without the help of another app? Is a needed API unavailable? Do you know if and when to expect anything related?

      • You are exactly right. It is frustrating.

        In fact, I have a version that already does exactly that, but I cannot submit it, because it uses unsupported APIs.

        If you have purchased the current version and know how to side load apps, I will send you the .ipk file of the version that works with local images.

  1. Thanks for your response. I went ahead and purchased it. Can you side load apps through WebOS Quick Install? If so, yes please send me the .ipk file. Thanks.

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