In addition to the 21 smileys supported on WebOS, Emoticons includes nearly 300 smileys and characters that can be sent to any phone that supports MMS. The images have been formatted to look great on the Pre, Pixi, iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android phones.

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11 thoughts on “Emoticons

  1. I have a Pre with Sprint. I have downloaded all available updates. Most of the time, the enhanced emoticons will not send. I get a yellow alert triangle with a “!” in it. The regular emoticons work every time. Is there a solution for this problem?

    • hi lee,

      I have a Pre on Sprint also and see this occassionally. That error means that the message did not send due to the network. The enhanced emoticons are pictures and are sent over MMS, just as if you sent a picture message. The normal emos are sent over SMS like a regular text message.

      So, you can try moving locations to find better service, but I have found it just seems to be better some days than others. Hopefully sprint will fix it on their end soon.

  2. I loved the free version so much I purchased the full version. But where are the animated emoticons that was present in the free version?

    Great App

    • Hi Ken,

      There are actually two different apps. Some people don’t care for the animated images, so it is separate.

      Check out Animoticons if you like the animated images. It’s on sale for a buck right now.

      In Emoticons Free, if you click on “More animated ones!” it will take you to Animoticons in the App Catalog.

      Clear Water

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