Send and receive nearly 500 different animated emoticons in 10 different categories to phones that support MMS. From sports to animals and holidays, there are cute little animated characters for every occasion! Animoticons allows you to save your favorites, so that you can access them quickly, without searching. The animations work on Palm WebOS 1.4 or later phones and on iPhones… and maybe more.

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68 thoughts on “Animoticons

  1. how do I insert an animoticon in a message that I didn’t generate (i.e., in a “reply”)? So far, I can only insert them in those I originate.

      • Being able to cut & paste would make this much more user friendly since most texts are in string format. You could also add to pic & vid format so could be added to text that way with pre pulldown menu.

  2. I sent a txt to my wife from my Pre to her Pixi which is loaded with Web 1.4 but the supposed animated emoticon still wasn’t animated and remained big and blurry. This is supposed to work on Web 1.4 devices. It looks like it does when I send the txt but does not work on the phone that receives it. Why is this so?

    • Are you selecting Pre/pixi when you are prompted to send? What happens if you send it to yourself?

      if you select ‘other’ it will show up incorrectly on a pre/pixi but correctly on an iphone or blackberry

  3. Hi, I was looking to download this app for my wife on her Pixi, but it says its not available. I’ve got it on my phone but I no longer see it in the App Catalog.

  4. I love Animoticons! I’m using on my iPhone but cannot figure out how to use on my MacBookPro. Can I only use them on emails sent from my iPhone? It would be great to have a toolbar for use on my Mac.

    • Hi Debbie,

      This website is for the animoticons app on Palm webOS phones, not the iPhone 🙂

      However, I can answer your question. Your MacBook Pro has a different operating system than your phone, so you can’t use the app on it.

      If you want to put animoticons in your emails on your computer, you can find them on the Web and copy and paste them in though!

  5. I cannot get to download to my launcher. It takes me to the app. And I have to tap to launch? What am I doing wrong. Also can I use them in emails I send from my Palm Pre? Thank you in advance for your answers.

  6. Where will I find the previews for the animoticons? In the app reviews someone mentioned a link, but I have yet to be able to find it.

    Thank you for your assistance.

  7. I have a Palm Pre Plus and so does my partner. I sent an animated text to her and it wasn’t animated and was overly large and blurry. It’s really frustrating being excited to purchase an app and it ending up not working the way it’s supposed to. I know you have to be aware of this because I’m not the first to tell you, the question is are you planning on fixing it? I hope you do because it has the potential to be one of my most used apps. As of now it’s just taking yp memory and that’s really just sad.

    • the behavior you are describing is what happens if you don’t select that you are sending to a pre. When you select the animoticon, it asks you if you are sending to a pre/pixi or other. You need to select pre/pixi.

  8. I’m fully aware that you have to select the pre pixi option. I did that and it resulted in the blurry overly large nonanimated picture. I sent it quite a few times and even tried the other option just in case. Still….the same result. So…why is this happening and can you fix it. Oh and I sent it to myself as well, same crappy result.

  9. I have version 1.4.5 and yep it’s animated perfectly on the outgoing msg. I reeeeallllly love this app. I love how many choices you have, I really want it to work *is pouting* lol

    • Grrr. Something weird is going on.

      Do you know anyone on Sprint with a Pre by any chance? 🙂

      That is the only difference that I can think of.

      If we can get it fixed, I’ll refund you via paypal.

      • Hello!
        I love this app, but am having the same problem! I have a Verizon Pre and my wife has a Verizon Pixi. The animoticons show great on my device (and when I send to iphone and android users) but shows big and blurry when I send to my wife’s pixi (and I chose the pre/pixi option).

        Your assistance is appreciated! (don’t want refund either)!

  10. Nooooooo I don’t want a refund. I want to use the app! Pleeeeease try to fix it. Purty please? Lol Unfortunately I don’t know anyone with Sprint or I would help.

  11. I have the animated emoticons app. It says it works for palm and pre but I sent one from pixi to pre and it was a frozen image sent vise/versa from our phones….

  12. There are a couple of out dated [ 2006 ] emotioncons. Is there someone to make those current? The latest update LOL Family is a fresh addition and is well appreciated.

  13. I’m getting so pissed & mad that I have paid 4 this app 2x & now it’s not working I was going 2 remove & redownload but that means I have 2 buy it again 4 the 3x & I’m not…. Plz tell me how 2 fix it or allow me 2 redownload it plz….

  14. Not sure if this is a solvable prob yet. Can’t get these animated emots to animate on receiving Palm Pre phones or any others. Can someone help me with this? Thanx in advance! MS

  15. I have the same problem. There is no animation on receiving phone. Sent from pre plus (verizon) to pre plus (verizon). Puh-leeeese fix this app.

  16. I had d free version then updated it. To d paid version. There were then two app icons that didn’t differntiate between expired old app and new one when deleting the old one.. Well I mistakenly deleted d paid one.. N wamt it back.. What do I do?

  17. hi I use this app I can’t figure out how to save to my favorites. I use this app as well as one from and people love them. Please help

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