Baby Care

Easily track, review, and make notes on your baby’s feedings and diapers. Use the customized timer to track your breast feeding time on both the left and right sides or manually enter the time after feeding. Log bottle feedings by the ounce or mL, solid food by the ounce, and optionally add notes to any feeding. Wet and soiled diapers can be logged individually, so you can make sure your baby’s body is working correctly. All events are saved to the history, so you can easily access them at the pediatrician or just to examize your baby’s habits. This app is for new parents, by a new parent. Within a week of bringing our new baby home, I began developing this app to track feedings and diapers, after having to log the first week on the paper the hospital sent us home with. Now we use our app! πŸ™‚ If you have questions about Baby Care, please follow the link to our website and feel free to leave any feature requests in your review. Enjoy!

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40 thoughts on “Baby Care

  1. hello. I have a suggestion for this app. When my second son was born, he had a lot of health issues and we had to give him 4 different meds every 4 hours. I thought it would be nice if you could put a timer in it for that reason. Also, an area for the meds they are taking and dosages and an area to leave notes, like if they were able to keep the meds down, etc. My son threw up his meds half of the time and I never knew if I should give them to him again or not. They were very dangerous drugs if not given properly. I’m happy to say he is a perfectly healthy 22 year old now. This app would have been very helpful back then. Thank you for being so thoughtful.

    • Great suggestion! Thanks for taking the time to submit it. I also thought about having the ability to track Mom’s medicine after getting home from the hospital. Glad to hear your boy is grown and healthy πŸ™‚

  2. I was loving this app until it went blank this morning. It doesn’t save any of my entries and I can’t see anything that I’ve put in before. The history is blank now, and it won’t accept any diaper entries either. Please help! I’ve tried resetting my phone several times, but that didn’t help.

    • Hi Mazie,

      I am sorry to hear that the app stopped working for you. I will work with you to get it fixed and try to find and fix the bug. I have not seen this with this version and am using it for my baby.

      Did anything out of the ordinary happen that caused it to go blank? Is the overview screen empty or does it say “No feedings recorded” and “No diapers recorded”? Also, can you still change the theme?

      Can you still add feedings or have they stopped working also?

      Try deleting the app and reinstalling it. The app catalog will allow you to reinstall for free. I don’t think this is going to change anything, but it is worth a try.

      Once you try that, if it still does not work, I will send you a link to an app that will clear the cookies the app saved to start you fresh.

      • Ok, I just submitted an update to the app that will allow you to reset the app from the application menu in the history view.

        It will take a couple days for Palm to review the change and push it live.

    • I have definitely considered it. How would you expect it to work? Track total sleep time and number of naps? Would you want to open the app every time the baby goes to sleep or wakes up?

      Our baby is only 4 weeks old, so his sleeping is all over the place and we don’t track it yet πŸ™‚

      Thanks for your feedback!

  3. We still have an issue where users are losing data that we are working to fix.

    In the meantime, there is an option to erase the history, which will refresh your app, as if you just installed it. This helps you get out of a situation where the app is not working.

    To reset the app, select History and then select Erase History from the application menu.

  4. We have a beta version of Baby Care available for existing users, which we believe will resolve the data loss issue.

    The approach to data storage has been completely reworked.

    If you would like to try out the beta before it is released, email

    Once we verify the issue is fixed, the public version will be updated.

    • Congratulations! When are you due? It could take a while to change the app for that.

      Another solution I could provide you, once you bought the app, is a link to the private beta of Baby Care, which will install in addition to the official one. This would effectively give you two copies of Baby Care and you could use one for each baby. You can set the theme to blue, pink, or gray, which would allow you to know which one you were looking at.

      • The app currently only supports one baby, but I could help you install 2 copies of the app. Once for each!

        You would do this by purchasing the app and also installing the beta, which is exactly the same as the released version right now.

  5. This app looks amazing and I would love to buy it to use for my baby coming next month, but I have a Palm Centro. Is there an older version available for download that will run on the older Palm OS?

  6. I luv this app but am starting to receive the “youhave too man cards open” error message on my pre. I know this error is not yours but I also know my phone is about to freeze because of it. Can you tell me how to download the history on to my computer so I don’t lose the data when I reset my pre?

    • Hi Heather,

      Glad you like the app! If you have the latest version you can go to History and choose to email yourself the history from the pull down application menu in the top left.

      Restarting your Pre should not erase Baby Care though.


  7. I love this app! I have a 12 day old and use it religiously. I would love to see a sleep tracker and alarm capabilities. I could really use an alarrm reminder when it is time to wake my baby for feedings. Thanks!

  8. hey, well done with this app. As a recent mother of four with my crazy hectic life this is a LIFESAVER! I’m looking forward to the nap timer! Something i’d like to see is a timer to time the last diaper change. I’m always running around with my baby and tend to lose track of when the last diaper change took place. My daughter will for sure let me know when i’ve gone too long for a feeding, but diaper changes are different.

  9. I started with the Beta version and loved it! Now with the update, it is more problematic. My information at times would not hange. My clock would also freeze, resulting in phone freezing. I would have to reset or take battery out to get my Pre back to normal. It was a wesome until the latest update.

    • Yes, that is why it is the beta version πŸ™‚

      The nap timer still has some bugs. I will be updating it in the next week or so.

      The paid version is working great and I will move the nap timer over once it is solid.

  10. hi – my wife bought the app today after using it for a week. How does she migrate all of the info she input into the trial version into the paid version? how come purchasing the app just doesn’t flip/convert the trial version into the paid version?

    • Hi Anthony,

      The data can be exported via email for your records from the application menu in the history scene. However, this data cannot be imported into the other paid for app, unfortunately.

      I would like to have a way to “activate” the trial version, but the webOS SDK does not provide convenient hooks for enabling this.


  11. Thanks for the speedy response. After my wife retyped everything from the trial version into Excel… we figured it out when she let me play with the app (she was afraid that if I touched anything it would close and she’d lose all her info) and I emailed it to myself. It would be great if there was a big button instead of having to dig through the dropdown menu. I played around a couple of minutes trying to figure out how to import the data into her paid version – thanks for saving me more time there. Import would be a great option – unless you figure out a way to simply convert the trial into the paid version.

  12. Perfect – that would have saved her two hours and a lot of frustration last night… We’ll keep that in mind for the next baby. πŸ™‚

  13. Is it possible to have the app sync on more than one phone? My husband and I both have Palm Pixies and I’m wondering if we both download the app onto our individual phones — if the info could be synced so we can both enter in data.

  14. My app froze up or something this afternoon. Every time I open baby care I get the big circle thing that usually indicates it’s doing something…except nothing ever happens. Now I can’t use the app in any way. Any ideas on what went wrong and how I can fix it?

    • Uh oh. Are you using the beta version? If so there was a bug that is fixed now and you may need to delete and reinstall.
      If you have the paid version then there may be a bug I am unaware of. I will need to find and fix it. You can use the trial version and beta version for a week each in the meantime.

  15. people have more then one baby. It wud be great if I cud have an update for twins. And different genders for boys or girls. And we need by december 15th:)

    • We don’t have the bandwidth to add that feature now, but I can offer you a work around.

      Palm allows developer’s to post beta’s, which you can download for free. If you buy Baby Care, I could then send you a link that would install an additional copy of it, giving you two apps; one for the boy and one for the girl. I could make the name of the second app show up as whatever you want.

      Also, you can set the gender in the preferences menu of the app already.

  16. My app started deleting the history for the current day (midnight to current time) when I viewed the history at my Dr’s office. It did it again two days later. Now the ‘Time since last feeding’ says -28:0-19. It won’t allow me to record feedings. Help!

    • Sorry about that. The app has a 1MB data cap currently and may be full. You can export all of your data from the history view from the application menu. Then you can erase all of the data in the app from the same menu. In the future we are working to remove the data cap.

  17. Hi, I havejust recently found this app and have fallen in love! My son is for months old & I’m constantly asking myself & husband “How long ago did he eat?” “How long has he been up?” so this is a lifesaver! Mother (who works at Verizon) just tol me that she is switching me to a Droid & I have nochoice in the matter. As I am only 21 she still does a lot for me and “what Mother says, goes” lol. Is there any chance you could make this App for the Droid as well? I really don’t want to lose this App! πŸ™‚

    • Glad you like the app! Unfortunately, we don’t have an Android version on the way. There is already an app that does just about the same thing on Android.

      However, you could get the Pre on Verizon! πŸ™‚

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