Slide Show | The Homebrew Version

The homebrew version of Slide Show allows you to view slide shows of the photos you have saved on your webOS device. We had to make it a homebrew version because Palm has not made the APIs public that are required for this application. Once they are, we will push this version out to the official App Catalog.

What is Homebrew?

Homebrew is the term used to refer to hundreds of apps available for webOS that aren’t in the official App Catalog. You can learn more at

Let me have it!

In order to obtain the homebrew version of Slide Show, you must first either:

  • Purchase Slide Show from the App Catalog and leave a review with your username (this allows us to see that you purchased it)
  • Or, you can pay us directly by sending 2.00 USD to via paypal

Then, shoot an email to us at requesting the .ipk file which can be installed via webOS Quick Install.


15 thoughts on “Slide Show | The Homebrew Version

  1. I had the slide show before and it worked great then when I did a back up it didn’t save it and was gone when I did a system restore aand that sucked really bad. I hope this works cuz there were no problems with it when I had it a long time ago

    • Hi Alex,

      I haven’t touched anything webOS related in a couple years. I’m pretty sure the latest version of webOS added slide show functionality in the native photos app.


  2. I use to have slide show when it worked and used the photos on the phone then when I did a restore on my phone it was gone. I then finally found it and paid for it and it doesn’t work but I guess the homebrew does. Please send me in the right direction thank you

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