Baby Care Sleep Tracking

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We have quite a few users asking for sleep tracking for our Baby Care app. Since people are asking for it, I would like to add it in the a future update, but would like to hear your thoughts on how it should work.

Would you want it to work similar to the feeding timer? This would give you the ability to:

  1. Select “Start nap” or “Stop nap” whenever your baby wakes up or goes to sleep. Baby Care could then track the total sleep time and number of naps throughout the day.
  2. You could also “tweak” the nap time once the timer is done in case you had to change baby before getting to your phone
  3. You could also enter nap times manually after they happen.

Is total nap time and number of naps today all you would be interested in tracking? Would you want to track anything over multiple days?

Leave your thoughts below and thanks for using Baby Care!


2 thoughts on “Baby Care Sleep Tracking

  1. I actually use his app to log my own eating. Perhaps a separate “water” category could be added, and the app “rebranded” for non-infants. The sleeping time tracking might be useful for adults, too. The results could be graphed or exported for importing into a spreadsheet. A “preferences” page could be added to specify what things to track, what kind of food to default (instead of always starting with breast-feeding), etc.

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