A Scathing Review of Dexpot and Conduit Search

Ok, I’m grumpy enough that I had to switch to Windows from a Mac for my new job. Beyond great hardware, I am missing the Spaces feature that gives you multiple desktops to clear up the clutter. Enter Dexpot (and it’s accompanying Trojan Conduit Search).

I learned about Dexpot from this LifeHacker post and decided to give it a quick try… well, it would have been quick if their installer did not come with a crazy annoying, irremovable toolbar that invades all of your browsers and puts flashing adds on your home page (welcome back to Windows, right!?). This type of thing is to be expected if you are installing a bunch of random free software, but I selected to download a 30-day free trial of the business version of this software! Not only that, but there was a free version that I could have selected without any verification that I was not using it on a company PC! … oh thats cause it comes with a Trojan.

I’ve spent the last 45 minutes trying to remove this junk and had to start using my Mac to find instructions on how to do it, because the Trojan is redirecting me away from relevant sites.

Come on Dexpot! Completely unacceptable!

Update – 10:15pm same night

Looks like you have to remove it from Add/Remove Programs and from each browser. This page has instructions for IE (just doing a factory reset on it… I didn’t have any bookmarks or anything in IE).

WIth the help of this post in Google’s forums, I think I have Chrome fixed. It did not show up in my Extensions, but it did in the other two places:

For google chrome browser–

1. Go to Settings >> Extensions >> disable uTorrentControl_v2 extension.

2. Go to Settings >> On startup >> remove conduit settings
3. Go to Settings >>  Search >> manage search engine >> set it to google.com and remove conduit’s entry if any.

I sign into Chrome with my Google Account, which means it syncs my settings. Conduits stuff had already shown up in Chrome on my Mac. I removed it there also for good measure.

Update – The next day…

The toolbar is back in Chrome! I am uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome. Guessing this will be a temporary fix again.


 Update – An hour later

Yep. It’s back. This is insane. Go back to the page I linked before for IE and be sure to run steps 3 & 4 in addition to the Add/Remove Programs and browser steps. Turns out those aren’t there just for good measure. My registry had a ton of stuff in it.

Also, be sure not to use CNET Downloader to get the AdwCleaner tool. They install their own malware! I am really frustrated with Windows, only have been off of a Mac for about 2 weeks.


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